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AMIGO 8VSB ( ATSC ) Modulator/Exciter with Pre Distortion

ATSC 8VSB Digital Modulator

Perfect for LPTV stations looking to make the conversion to the new ATSC DTV standard!


  • ATSC A.53 8-VSB Compliant
  • FCC Compliance
  • Digital Pre-distortion circuits
  • Non-linear pre-distortion circuits over a 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Linear pre-distortion circuits to compensate output filter characteristics
  • SMPTE-310M Input with 19.39 Mbps & DVB-ASI Input
  • Output Frequency: 50~860 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 6Mhz
  • Output Level: -15.0 ~ 7.0 dBm
  • Null Packet Insertion
  • Null Packet Extraction
  • PCR Re-stamping
  • TS Rate Monitoring
  • RS232 control port to remote management
  • User friendly LCD UI (with 4 line LCD)


The AMIGO Solid State VHF/UHF 8-VSB Digital Modulator offers an unparalleled combination of features and reliability. It can be used as a DTV broadcast modulator, tester, or the head end of an RF distribution network. It can accept input through its DVB-ASI and SMPTE-310M input ports. A data valid light indicates a valid ATSC data stream is at one of the inputs. The output is available on 44.0 MHz IF and VHF/UHF RF. It has TS processing capability, Null-packet Extract & Insertion, and PCR re-stamping for Clock reference correction.

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