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AMB406M - Multichannel QAM modulator

AMB307M DVB-C QAM multichannel modulator

             up to 15 QAM channels in one 4RU subrack


The AMB 406 QAM Modulator is the perfect solution for modulation of any ASI transport stream into a high quality QAM/RF channel. This module allows cable operators to deliver high performance digital cable-TV channels throughout their networks.

The AMB 406 offers various features like PSI and SI processing with NIT generation, PID filtering with table processing and continuous zero stuffing and provides outstanding signal and video quality.

The AMB 406 can be accessed and configured locally and remotely via the unique central control unit HCB 200 and also features SNMP monitoring op- tionally.

Key Features:

  • Modular Headend system featuring Hot Swap technology
  • 4RU subrack with central control unit with power supply for all modules
  • AMB406 – QAM modulator modules – DVB-C, ITU J.83 Annex A,B,C
  • Each AMB406 module modulates one ASI-TS into one QAM/RF
  • Frequency agile outputs 45 – 862 MHz
  • Outstanding signal values for best picture quality and stability
    • Output level of 116 dBµV
    • Shoulder attenuation =58 dB
    • Modulation Error Rate (MER) >= 45 dB
  • Extreme low phase noise
  • PSI-/SI processing with NIT generation
  • Allows PID filtering with table processing for ideal bandwidth utilization
  • Flexible local and remote confi guration & SNMP monitoring

AMB 406 QAM Modulator Module (ASI to QAM/RF)


AMB307M - DVB-C QAM modulator

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