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About AdvancedDigital Inc.

AdvancedDigitial Inc. is an established corporation based out of Toronto, Canada. We specialize in the development, integration, sale, and distribution of DVB and IPTV based products and systems. Our products are best geared towards both large and small broadcasters, as well as manufacturers requiring DVB equipment for R&D purposes. In recent years we have found success in building video encoding systems that use IP based networks for video/audio transport and contribution. We have helped hundreds of companies cut costs by utilizing both private and public IP networks instead of the traditional satellite uplinks. Operating since 2003 we have had our services utilized by many companies and government institutions.


We are adding two additional broadcast modulators to our lineup: The ADV-8410 is a fully standard compliant DVB-T2 modulator that can operate in both MFN and SFN environments. The ADV-8500 is a high performance broadcast DVB-S/S2 modulator. Both of these modulators support DVB-ASI and IP inputs.

We are happy to announce the new ADV-8510, an integrated encoder+modulator unit.
Supporting H.264/MPEG-2 encoding with DVB-S/S2 RF output.  Perfect for satellite uplinks.

We are excited to release three new products! The NOVUS-RD, the most advanced decoder on the market, NOVUS-AT adaptive bitrate transcoder, and NOVUS-IP, a simplified 1080p IP encoder ideal for integration with CDN’s.

Take a look at the updated USB, PCI-e, and LAN modulators. Supporting most industry standard DVB signals.
TVB599A, TVB598 and TVB599LAN.

The ADV-3480MX is finally available! Multiple channel IP and ASI multiplexer. Essential for any broadcast studio.
Features 4 ASI Inputs, 8 ASI outputs, up to 160 IP input streams, and 16 IP output streams.

We are happy to announce a new and exciting product, the ADV-5160QM. A 16-channel QAM (DVB-C) modulator with both ASI and IP inputs. Offered at a fraction of the price of comparable competing units.

New product! The ADV-4100EC! Multifunctional and cost-effective H.264 and MPEG-2 Encoder. Supports both SD and HD resolutions up to 1080p.

New product released, the ADV-3820MX, 8 ASI input multiplexer with DVB-ASI and IP outputs. Can be used as an ASI to IP gateway.

AdvancedDigital Inc.
Tel: +1 416 848 0715
Toll Free: 1 888 401 3720
Fax: +1 416 848 0716
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